Clubhouse Gyms

Building the gym community

We’re very excited to be working with Clubhouse Gyms. The Clubhouse Gyms group has three gyms in the northeast of England and is the brainchild of Jack Gibbs. A qualified personal coach himself, Jack founded Clubhouse to help other great coaches create successful coaching businesses out of state of the art gyms.
Jack and the Clubhouse team will be using youdo to build the ‘Clubhouse community’ around their gyms, trainers and clients. Starting this week, we’re running a month-long competition with the aim of encouraging more people to get into the gym and get healthy for 2023. We’ll measure gym visits across all 3 gyms over the month, and the participants with the most gym sessions at each gym wins! We’ve got some great prizes for our winners and participants will collect youdo tokens at a value of £1 per token with the proceeds going to our partner Suicide&Co, supporting those bereaved by suicide.