Welcome to youdo!

George Chaytor-Norris   16 February, 2022

Welcome to youdo!

The last 18 months have accelerated two macro trends which were already significantly impacting the corporate sector pre-COVID;

  • The importance of personal wellbeing (mental and physical health) to the current generation of workers.

  • A continued emphasis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) structures in defining a company’s health beyond its balance sheet.

Companies continue to invest in wellbeing as a means of driving employee retention and engagement. A 2021 BUPA study predict an increase of 18% spend on mental health and wellbeing in 2022 and a study by Deloitte shows that for every £1 spent on mental health interventions, employers get £5 back.

At the same time, shareholders, investors and regulators are requiring companies to state explicitly, how and where they are investing in ESG initiatives and the results of these investments with concomitant impact on day-to-day business operations. Sustainable investment continues to be a significant driver in shaping capital markets and companies with viable, well-executed ESG strategies will benefit accordingly.

Both of the above trends should be considered in the context of the continued impact of Covid on day-to-day business operations. Ensuring that their employees stay connected with each-other in a post-Covid world is a problem that continues to challenge business leaders and one that transcends both industry sector and geography.

‘...it’s long been observed that employees with a sense not just of satisfaction but also of connection perform better.’ McKinsey Quarterly, 2019 “Five ways that ESG creates value”

youdo is founded on the belief that we’ve become technologically connected to, but emotionally disconnected from each other. We also believe that the health and wellbeing of people is inextricably linked to the health of our planet. I had the original idea for youdo whilst studying to be a Health Coach. It was increasingly clear to me that our personal environments have a profound impact on our health. Not just what we eat, or how often we exercise, but the importance of positive relationships, our connection to nature and an awareness of how solo screen time can affect our overall wellbeing. At youdo, we see a synergy in linking the health of people and of the planet.

youdo is a mobile first platform that can help companies execute their CSR and ESG strategies with an emphasis on; strengthening social bonds, bringing purpose to wellbeing and providing measurable impact.

Strengthening social bonds to build a diverse and inclusive culture is incredibly important for the individual employee who will spend roughly one third of their lives at work. youdo helps people find their tribe through doing the things they enjoy, whether that’s cycling, yoga, painting or playing chess. youdo breaks down barriers between colleagues to build a shared sense of belonging.

youdo provides companies with the structure to deliver an ESG strategy that works for them. Every activity completed by two or more people through our app generates a youdo 'Earth Token’. ‘Earth Tokens’ can be redeemed as a donation to environmental or social impact projects, as chosen by youdo's customers. Customers can choose to support their own projects or use youdo’s own project portfolio. Earth Tokens bring purpose to an organisation's overall wellbeing. Employees will feel empowered when they see their efforts having a positive impact on their environment.

The app is supported by an admin portal that provides analytics to help employers understand the diversity of their workforce through their people’s interests and passions. Plus the platform tracks how connected a workforce is through ‘connections’, and drives engagement with environmental and/or social impact, measurable by the number of Earth Tokens generated through the youdo app.

Our mobile app is available in the Apple and Android stores to companies who subscribe to an annual licence of the youdo platform. We are incredibly excited to bring youdo into the workplace.

Look forward to hearing from you!