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youdo redefines the relationship between employee health and company health, to help you build a bulletproof culture

Employee wellbeing has never been so critical, nor has the importance of creating and nurturing social connection in the workplace at a time when opportunities for face-to-face interactions are more limited. Ensuring that employees stay connected with each-other is a problem that continues to challenge business leaders and one that transcends both industry sector and geography.

We want youdo to be a key tool in building companies that people want to work at, and with.

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Improve Employee Engagement

Why youdo is the platform for you:

The youdo platform delivers an out-of-the-box framework to support your company's wellbeing programmes and which can integrate seamlessly into your existing CSR & ESG initiatives.

We know that wellbeing is subjective and that engagement is challenging. By putting human connection and fun at the centre of everything we do, we can make youdo relevant to the broadest cross-section of your organisation.

youdo improves engagement with wellbeing and impact programmes, delivering measurable insights into your organisation through analysis of your company’s youdo Groups, Activities, Earth Tokens and Connections.


The youdo platform is available via an annual subscription. We have a tiered pricing model, based on company size.

Company Size
Tier 130-100
Tier 2101-250
Tier 3251-500
Tier 4501+
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