How youdo works

youdo drives employee engagement across wellness, social & educational initiatives

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One-off Engagement

Some months of the year are more difficult than others and keeping morale high isn’t easy. We’ve found that a great way of building motivation, excitement and fun is to set a monthly company or office Challenge. You can build Challenges around:

  • Fitness
  • Mental Health
  • Environmental Health

We recommend setting two targets;
Competition - measures activity per team member and is awarded to an individual.
Community - measures participation across the team, and is a team target with the prize awarded to your chosen charity / impact project.

Using the youdo platform, we'll implement, launch and run your challenge with minimal management involvement.

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Ongoing Engagement

Use youdo to bring together all of your company's CSR & ESG activity into one platform, incentivising employee engagement via youdo tokens which can spent supporting your chosen good causes (or you can choose to donate to our selected partners).

youdo can help you build and strengthen workplace communities whether company-led, e.g. Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Resource Groups, or employee-led, e.g. shared passions and interests such as sport and creative hobbies.

Use youdo to streamline operations and reporting across your organisation and giving you clear, measurable results to share internally and externally.

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Engagement Models

1. Closed Groups, e.g. London Sales:
Use youdo at the departmental / office level for a monthly competition or Challenge. The youdo team is on hand to help run the engagement for you.

2. Open Groups, e.g. Global Sales:
Expand out to wider audience and run youdo Challenges across different departments and offices.

3. Company-wide:
Use youdo to create an ESG hub leveraging engagement generated from previous phases to create/maintain momentum around company-wide programmes such as Diversity & Inclusion & Employee Resource Groups.

Case Studies

  • We recently worked with a UK gym that was looking for ways to better engage their membership, creating more of a sense of community and added value. youdo was given to a nominated group of ‘gym champions’ to test out. After a successful trial period, youdo was rolled out to 40 gym members. The app has been hugely popular with members feeling better connected to each other and to the gym. Members particularly value having a dedicated messaging space as opposed to using a generic messaging service like WhatsApp. youdo usage has since doubled to over 90 members.

  • This software development agency was looking to motivate their regional teams by creating some friendly competition between offices in Stockholm, London, Madrid, Budapest and Sao Paolo. Their challenge consisted of 4 daily activities that each office set for themselves. Activities had to be something that could be fitted into everyone’s working day and provide benefit to the office and/or the surrounding community. Each office chose where their youdo tokens would be spent, with the winning office receiving double tokens.