What does youdo do?

youdo drives employee engagement across wellness, social & educational initiatives

Screens of the youdo app and reporting platform

Connection drives engagement

An image showing how the youdo app works
Icon of People Connecting

Create groups

  • Build groups around shared passions and interests
  • Groups can be company and/or employee-led
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Schedule Activities

  • Activities are organised and created within groups
  • Invite group members to the activities
  • Join activities that your group organises
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Earn youdo Tokens

  • When two or more people complete an activity they earn a youdo token
  • Spend your tokens supporting your organisation's chosen causes
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youdo Tokens

Linking activity to impact

Every activity completed earns a youdo token. Spend youdo tokens to support your chosen impact projects or work with our selected partners.

Case Studies

  • We recently worked with a UK gym that was looking for ways to better engage their membership, creating more of a sense of community and added value. youdo was given to a nominated group of ‘gym champions’ to test out. After a successful trial period, youdo was rolled out to 40 gym members. The app has been hugely popular with members feeling better connected to each other and to the gym. Members particularly value having a dedicated messaging space as opposed to using a generic messaging service like WhatsApp. youdo usage has since doubled to over 90 members.

  • This software development agency was looking to motivate their regional teams by creating some friendly competition between offices in Stockholm, London, Madrid, Budapest and Sao Paolo. Their challenge consisted of 4 daily activities that each office set for themselves. Activities had to be something that could be fitted into everyone’s working day and provide benefit to the office and/or the surrounding community. Each office chose where their youdo tokens would be spent, with the winning office receiving double tokens.