Why use youdo?

Happy employees are more productive and stay longer

In today's marketplace, retaining the best employees is more difficult than ever. Staff are no longer just after the biggest pay cheques, they want to feel cared for, be part of a valuable team and be connected to their organisation.

McKinsey research shows that people with a sense of satisfaction and connection perform better... for longer.

youdo allows organisations to combine activites across wellness, social and educational activities so that they and their staff can see the benefit of what they're doing. This can be used to support chosen good causes and in internal or external PR.

youdo redefines the relationship between employee and company health to help build bulletproof cultures. Its a key tool in building companies that people want to work at, and with.

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youdo helps companies address 3 key KPIs

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    The average cost of employee turnover is £30,614

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    Organisations… engaging their team achieve earnings-per-share growth 4x that of their competitors.

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    58% of companies report inability to measure effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives

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The youdo platform

The youdo platform provides an out-of-the-box framework which can integrate seamlessly into your existing CSR & ESG initiatives.

youdo allows easy engagement for all members of an organisation - at an individual, team, department, office or country level .

For the management team, it provides measurable insights into exactly how engaged (or not) people and their groups are into specific activities.