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Linking activity to impact

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Earning youdo tokens

Every activity completed in the youdo app by 2 or more people earns a youdo token. Your organisation determines the value of your Tokens and where to spend them. Build towards an end-of-year target or cash them out every month - it's up to you.

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Using youdo tokens

Use youdo tokens to fully engage your team. Increase engagement and drive buy-in across different initiatives (whether company-led or employee-led) such as C-suite priority, Social Committee events, HR programmes. youdo tokens can help you create more value for charitable giving, volunteering, ad hoc fund-raising events and more.

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Build value for your org

Use youdo tokens as the single currency for your organisations CSR & ESG goals. Achieve more impact by all of your activity together, streamlining your reporting & operations and driving more value to your organisation.

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Spending youdo Tokens

You decide where to spend your youdo tokens whether that's your Charity of the Year, a project linked to your Net Zero targets or a good cause close to your employee's hearts. And if you need help, youdo works with some fantastic partners that we'd love to put you in touch with (see below).

Our Partners

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