youdo helps companies build great cultures

  • Strengthens human connections
  • Empowers people with purpose
  • Drives environmental & social impact
youdo app homescreen - man with bike standing on mountain
An image showing how the youdo app works

What is youdo?

youdo is a platform that uses the power of human connection to drive employee engagement.

Designed to bring people together through their shared passions and interests, youdo helps companies build stronger, more resilient cultures. Usage of the platform is incentivised by linking activity to impact through the use of youdo tokens, which can be used to support your organisation's chosen causes.

youdo redefines the relationship between employee and company health to help build bulletproof cultures. It's a key tool in building companies that people want to work at, and with.

The youdo platform is available in iOS and Android app stores.


  • 'Our members love using the youdo message board. It's their own space that's dedicated to the gym and it's worked really well in creating friendships between members.'

  • “We used youdo for our monthly wellbeing challenge earlier this year. Previously we’d been organising these challenges using spreadsheets which was time consuming and complicated. The youdo app is a great way for colleagues to have fun together and we got very competitive about who could get the highest donation score!”