Strengthening human connection in the workplace

youdo helps companies build great cultures.

  • Strengthen human connections
  • Empower your people with purpose
  • Measure environmental & social impact

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The youdo Mission

Our mission is to realign our connection with each other and with the planet.

Healthy People,
   Healthy Planet

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Creating connections between colleagues

At youdo we believe that people are happier and healthier when they do things together.

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    With remote working, offices in different time zones and less business travel, it’s more difficult than ever to create connections with your colleagues.

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    The youdo app will help your colleagues organise activities and have fun together. youdo gives them an incentive to do so by matching their activities with donations to environmental and social impact projects of their choice.

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    youdo is designed for companies that are committed to employee wellbeing and being an active participant in improving their environmental and social footprint.

    The youdo app is available in the Apple & Google app stores. Please get in touch to find out how youdo can help your company

  • “We used youdo for our monthly wellbeing challenge earlier this year. Previously we’d been organising these challenges using spreadsheets which was time consuming and complicated. The youdo app is a great way for colleagues to have fun together and we got very competitive about who could get the highest donation score!”

  • “‘’s long been observed that employees with a sense not just of satisfaction but also of connection perform better.’

    McKinsey Quarterly 2019 “Five ways that ESG creates value”

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